Open House 2014 — Thanks for Coming!

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Open House 2014  — Thanks for Coming!

After countless hours of planning and organizing, brainstorming and button making, the Open House event we envisioned finally came to life. It was better than we could have hoped for—over 400 of our neighbors came out to hear talks about our operations and products, chat with our employees, and see the paper machines in action. […]

Improving Barge Unloading Operations

Improving Barge Unloading Operations

Receiving wood chips and hogfuel by barge is very important to the mill. It is an economical way to transport materials and PTPC receives 120 barge loads each year (equal to 5829 truckloads). Receiving these materials by barge instead of by truck prevents the on-road vehicle emissions and traffic congestion from 5829 trucks driving to […]

Boiler MACT Update – November

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T-Minus 457 days and counting! On January 31st, 2013, the EPA published a new rule known as Industrial Boiler MACT(Maximum Achievable Control Technology) that impacts our PB10 biomass boiler. Under this new rule the emissions limits for particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), Mercury and HCl (acid gas) become more stringent. For PB10 the PM […]