PTPC Fiber Supply Donates Logs to Local Watershed Restoration Project

In February, Port Townsend Paper, Evergreen Fiber Inc., and Hermann Brothers Trucking donated a load of Douglas-fir logs from our Eclipse logyard west of Port Angeles to the Northwest Watershed Institute for their Tarboo Creek Watershed Restoration project.

The logs were donated as part of the Tarboo Creek project’s Plant-a-Thon. To help establish conifers in areas with reed canarygrass, volunteers planted cedar and spruce in hollow log sections and planter boxes. The logs donated by PTPC were milled on site into planting boxes in order to help trees to get established in difficult areas with lots of reed canarygrass (an invasive grass that inhibits the growth of native vegetation) and wet soils. Over 3,000 native trees and shrubs were planted during the Plant-a-thon by local students, parents, and teachers. The Plant-a-thon has been an annual tradition since 2004, and over 133,000 trees have been planted in the Tarboo Valley area as a result.

This is an important project, and Port Townsend Paper was very proud to be involved.