Port Townsend Paper is certified under multiple sustainable forestry programs using third-party certification of our chain-of-custody and fiber sourcing standards. These certifications provide our customers with the highest standard of stewardship and traceability possible. Under these certifications we ensure:

  • Exclusion of illegally harvested wood, old growth timber, and forests with high conservation values
  • Exclusion of harvest sources in violation of social laws, worker health and safety, traditional civil rights, and workers’ right to organize
  • Conservation of biodiversity, protection of endangered and threatened species, and protection of soil and water quality
  • Preservation of cultural resources

Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) is an internationally recognized North American standard which includes provisions for forest management, fiber procurement and chain-of-custody.

Port Townsend Paper controls the purchase and harvest of wood fiber through the SFI- certified procurement program (SFI® Fiber Procurement). Fiber procurement certification is unique to SFI and supports responsible forest management for both SFI-certified lands as well as millions of acres that are uncertified. This ensures fiber from risky sources does not make its way into the supply chains of SFI program participants. In North America, program participants must comply with all applicable laws to protect workers, local communities and the environment. They must also strive to proactively improve forest practices through logger education and by encouraging their suppliers to use the services of qualified resource and logging professionals. These steps help to promote best management practices that protect water quality, encourage reforestation of harvested sites, and identify and protect important habitat elements for wildlife (including endangered species and communities).

PTPC annual audit results and more information can be found on the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Website, www.sfiprogram.org.