PTPC Visits Chimacum Creek Primary for Papermaking Class

Here at PTPC, we love to spread the word about what we do and how we do it. But not everyone realizes that you don’t need high-level machinery or a 450-acre campus to make paper–you can do it in your very own home. With that in mind, several employees of Port Townsend Paper visited Chimacum Creek Primary School last week to show the kindergarten classes how paper is made. And they weren’t just treated to a lecture–students got to make their very own piece of paper and experience the process first hand.

First, students were asked to use a deckle (wooden frame with a screen used for making paper by hand) to capture wet pulp in a rectangular shape.

  • ccppaperdemo2
  • ccppaperdemo1
  • ccppaperdemo3

Next, students were asked to use sponges to pull the excess water out of the pulp…

  • ccppaperdemo4
  • ccppaperdemo5

..and by rolling out moisture between two sheets of paper.


Finally, the class handed their sheets off to the adults for extra drying with a hot iron (kid-supervised, of course).

  • ccppaperdemo7
  • ccppaperdemo8

The result? Handmade paper! We had a fantastic time working with the kids and hope they learned a thing or two about making paper!