At Port Townsend Paper our unbleached kraft paper is made from a blend of Northwest long fibers and Old Corrugated Containers (OCC). Our Discovery Kraft, a higher OCC converting grade, is produced thanks to a state of the art OCC recycling plant that makes it possible to manufacture an exceptionally clean recycled sheet. The blend of recycled material and virgin fiber makes this grade an outstanding value.

Our specialty grades include gumming kraft, wet strength, saturating and dyed papers.

We produce unbleached kraft papers in the basis weight range of B50 to B99 (lb/3,000 sq. ft.).

Our trim width is 236 inches and all orders must trim within 5%. Roll widths are between 15 and 122 inches ordered to the nearest 1/16”. Rolls can be ordered in inches or millimeters.

Roll diameters are from 40 to 60 inches. Maximum roll weight is 7,000 pounds. Rolls are finished either wrapped or unwrapped and with and without steel bands.